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said i’d draw this, msb P:


Guys, in The Hound of the D’Urbervilles, Moran literally gets a boner from almost being hanged by the neck while standing on a rickety table. Why does no one talk about this?? The guy is fucking messed up and it’s great.


Leave a note when? 

Moriarty leaves Moran a letter the day of the fall.  


imagine jim and seb in the sofa so close to each other, jim sitting in his sebastian’s lap while holding a bottle of whiskey, slow fucking while they share it, laughing when they spill whiskey, and jim trying to catch drops on sebastian’s chin and kiss him, holding the bottle over his head and seb has to kiss him to get it back i hate these fuckers so much

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You know…

What I am thinking about…


what if jim and sebastian had a bet and sebastian loses the bet so he has to wear a vibrator to a meeting and every time he looks too comfortable, jim just turns it as high as possible then switches it off again and this happens so much that by the end of it, sebastian is just begging to cum and this ship will be the death of me 

The Galaxy, a thousand suns, all there ever will be, he said
when you asked him what did he think was his to conquer.
[for my Lioness]

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