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favorite marvel superheroes - 5/9 - Speed (request by markruffaloo)


College babbus


pizza par-tay


I don’t have feelings and I don’t hold hands! for gamorasgalaxy

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ok maybe just one

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It’s been a long time without drawing some XXX so here is one full of passion! XD

I hope you like it! ♥

I hate when ppl think Billy tops, that’s so stupid dude…

I hate when ppl comment on gorgeous pieces of art with their shitty opinion that they should know the artist reads and then attaches it to said piece of art as if this shitty opinion has some other power than just showing the person is rude as fuck. Don’t be a fuckhead, be polite, this is not the place for your rude commentary. Don’t comment stupid shit on art, that’s so stupid dude…

Young Avengers #14 | 12:00am

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"i don’t have feelings and i don’t hold hands."

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