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I had Thorki feels

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WHAT IF?????????????



“You’ll come with me,” Loki says, only half a question.

Thor kisses him, tangles his hands in Loki’s own.

“Of course I will.”

Illustration for Roo’s beautiful hipster!Thorki fic: We Spent Our Darkest Days Howling at the Moon (x) ♥

I know I am horribly late for this, blaming myself for getting into this fandom so late, I just have too much to catch up. ;;w;; So I just drew this little scene in the fear of ruining the already-too-prefect imagery of the fic. I’ve actually got a bunch of related scenes in mind to draw, but those are saved for later. ;D

have I posted this before?? I feel like I’ve at least linked the fic but a;skdfj idk

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I thought I’d put all my Thor and Loki art in one post :3

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Steggy, Blackeye, Thorki, and Pepperony. <3

All the Happy Couples, by Blair.