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Friendly reminder that Superfamily is an AU and no one is saying that it is canon but it is a fandom AU that people are allowed to enjoy. There are neat things like tumblr savior and black lists, and if you don’t like it then I’m confused as to why you are in the tag.

Don’t try to make yourself into a victim by saying “apparently I’m not allowed to dislike it” when you tag your hate because the point isn’t that you don’t like it but that you tagged your hate c: because that’s just a really not nice thing to do and you’re not the victim so get out of the tag. No one cares if you don’t like it, you’re just taking up space in our tag.

Spoiler alert: Your whining about Superfamily will not suddenly make people realize they don’t like it.

Also. Remember not to feed the trolls, lovelies. It only spurs them on, don’t give them attention that’s what they want.


This sketch is a bit old, I drew it almost the day after I first saw the Amazing Spiderman, and today I finally finished digitally coloring it. I didn’t really put much effort into, but I love how I drew teenage Pete! I’m gonna draw him a lot more, and probably some solo-Spiderman pics, cause I love him, but I never draw him. 


An anon requested Peter and Wade going on their first date, with Steve and Tony spying on them of course! 

God it’s hard trying to draw Wade without the mask 


Wade: Don’t wake up.

Peter:…..why not?

Wade: If you wake up I have to get out of bed and leave before your dad comes to get you up for breakfast.

Peter:What time is it?

Wade:…..Time to get up?


Wade: Well I smell breakfast-

Peter:Shit! Up, get up! 

Wade: Come on! It’s to early for this shit! What happened to morning cuddles, then blow jobs, and finally hot shower sex which leads back to hot morning sex on the bed?

Peter: Go get dressed. You can shower then sneak out.

Wade: But-


Wade: Fine.

Peter: *sighs* Love you!

Wade: *muffled from behind the bathroom door* Love you too!

Mall Santa [Superfamily + Wade Ficlet]


This is fic the start of the MANY Christmas fics I will be writing and is a gift for the wonderful Mery. I hope you all enjoy <3

The gasp that Peter emitted was followed shortly by what Tony could only describe as a shriek of delight.

“Daddy! DADDY!” Peter started jumping up and down, tearing his hand away from his father’s in his excitement. He knew better than to run off like some unruly child parents couldn’t seem to raise properly these days. Seriously, if you’re going to have a child and you plan on bringing it into a public forum during the Christmas season, at least teach it how to behave.

“What’s up, Peter?” When Tony glanced down at his son, the boy was bouncing energetically in place with one finger pointing frantically in a certain direction. Tony followed to where Peter wanted his attention to be and was greeted with the wondrous sight of the mall’s Santa. He was sat in the corner of the corridor, surrounded by fake snowy fencing, fake trees and presents, perched in a large chair. There was a long line of children that spread out from the gate, where a woman dressed as an elf was letting children in whenever it was their turn.

Tony laughed, shaking his head. “Do you want to go see Santa?”

Peter nodded frantically as though he’d transformed into the bobble headed Captain America Tony had bought Steve as a joke gift.

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OH MY GOD, CUTE. SO CUTE. IMMA DIE, CUTE. I totally needed this right now too, Arra you are actual perfection and kid!Spideypool asdfghjkl; I loved Tony’s reactions and Wade was a riot

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It’s not a bad idea, Stark

This is why Steve and Pepper do all the shopping

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AU: After Loki attempts to convince Peter he has no purpose in his father’s lives,

Peter tries to prove him wrong by talking his dads…

Which doesn’t exactly go the way he planned.


Terms of Privacy [NSFW Stony Drabble]


For Buttons, even though I apparently wasn’t meant to write something… you got it anyway and I hope this cheers you up darling. I meant it to be fluff but somehow it turned into porn… my fanfiction muscles really need to be worked out because nothing I’ve written has turned out as planned. But I hope you like it anyway (there’s fluff/humor at the end).

“Are you sure he’s asleep?” Steve asked, lips barely touching the skin as his eyes bore into his significant other. They had to be careful now, with a small child around, and they couldn’t risk anything.

“Yes, I put him to bed an hour ago.” Tony grumbled, impatient as always.

“But he could wake up. I should go check-”

“Steve, your face is dangerously close to my cock and if you leave it unattended right now I will personally see to it that-”

Tony’s threat vanished as Steve’s lips bypassed kissing their way up Tony’s bare thigh and went straight to work on the task at hand. Tony could only gasp into the pillow that was meant to keep him quiet, although he wasn’t too sure how successful it was going to be.

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I am dying oh god. Peter is a natural cockblock I just xD sexy and adorable and mm yes good


superwhorocks requested Peter bringing Wade home from Kindergarten, and his parents not being very impressed~ hohoho