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Michael Fassbender in X-Men: First Class

Killing will not bring you peace

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“Charles, are you almost —” 

Erik looks up from the shirt in his hands, stops just inside the doorway, and tries very, very hard not to laugh.

He doesn’t succeed.

“What, exactly, are you doing?”

Charles stops mid-shimmy and makes a startled sort of noise that comes out as more of an undignified yelp. He blushes all the way to his ears, yanks the towel tighter around his waist, and looks everywhere but at Erik as he mumbles, “Nothing at all, love. Just getting…ready.”

“In a rather ridiculous fashion.”

“I wasn’t —”

“Just get dressed, Charles.” Erik says. “And save the dancing for the wedding.”

What if... what if...

Anya: Papa! Look!
Erik: Do you have a brother, dear Anya? Or a sister, Wanda?
Anya: A brother! A brother named Pietro and he is beautiful!
Erik: ...A son?
Anya: And his sister is just as precious!
Erik: Sister?
Anya: The midwife is holding her now. I will bring her!
Erik *stunned*: And his sister? There are two?
Anya: Come see! Mother is with her.

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X-Men: First Class Characters ⇾ Erik Lensherr (Magneto)

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