More Mob Boss!Erik leering at young man!Charles from the back of his car.

Erik watched from the back of his car through tinted windows as the young man in the distance looked out across the lake, a gentle breeze tousling chestnut coloured locks, a smile on that innocent face.

He cast a careless look down at his watch, noting the numerous hours before he could bury himself in that body and wash away the blood that stained his hands the colour of his lapels, forget his sins for a mere few hours in aquamarine eyes that looked up at him in wonder.

Charles had moved from his position from the pier until he was hanging off the side, his fingers outstretched towards the water’s surface as if he were looking for something. That suit jacket Erik had tailor made for Charles looked good on the younger man - almost nothing and everything did on that lithe body - and the shirt opened invitingly to reveal collarbones begging to be licked and worshipped.  There would be time later tonight for that.

Settling back against the leather seats, Erik averts his attention back to his driver and gives an almost imperceptible nod for him to drive.  The clock was ticking and he had business to attend to.